Day 272


Things My Partner Said Today
Whatever gets you through
a quarantine. Look, how cute.
I’m worried about the ice trays
not coming. What’s nerdy, therefore
my preference, is if we alphabetize
the bookshelf. You could just
put a dishtowel down. There’s bags
in the back. My parents have
a Globe & Mail subscription.
How lovely. Oh, Mr. Laissez-Faire
is a bit hesitant. I have no news.
I’m not sure that’s true. I must have
one of the longest necks in North America.
Is there a place called Hamilton
in South Africa? I feel a bit loony.
I’m puttering. I’m trying
not to kill a pedestrian.
The whole day is gone – well,
I guess that’s good. Oh, fancy.
Are you making fun of me?
There is a solution. Make me
a cocktail in a pretty glass.
Tell me you love me.

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