Day 261


"Since arrival… the Canadian Armed Forces have identified a number of medical professional and technical issues present at long term care facilities.” - Joint Task Force Commander’s Report on Ontario’s Long-Term Care Facilities, May 20, 2020

They were lovers.
Their backs, once tricked by others’
tongues while ribbons
of shower water ran down
their faces, went unwashed
for weeks. Their hands,
which had set tables for families,
but could no longer, now,
hold the spoon, were strapped
down to force-feed their mouths,
or feed their mouths rotting food,
or no food at all. They were
neighbours, left alone so long
the weight of their unmoved bodies
on the bed created pressure wounds.
Others roamed the streets of the halls
amidst cockroaches. They were peaceful,
but we sent in the army. Who cited
significant gross fecal contamination,
bleeding fungal infections, patients
left crying for help. They were parents,
who’d taught their children to walk,
and had their mattresses
thrown to the ground to stop them standing.
Sedated. Subject to degrading comments.
Improper sterile techniques, lack of
post-mortem care for the deceased.
Just think. The army. We had to
send in the army.

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