Day 307


Ruining Julia's Vacation 

Wouldn’t it be great if
we were on vacation. The sun
would wake us and we’d lounge about
and then be like, let’s go for a hike
(what about breakfast?), so we’d hike
some forested path, then be like, let’s rent a boat
and tool around, so we’d rent the boat
(you have a boat license?) and tool around
and then be like, let’s tan on the beach
(are you actually tanning?), so we’d lay
on the beach and tan (cause you don’t usually tan),
I’d have sunscreen and tan a bit through that
(oh), then we’d go to the market,
pick out lunch (it’s only lunch? What time
did we wake up?), then go to a cute bar for a cocktail,
then more beach, then eat a lovely dinner
(this is a very busy day) at a restaurant with dim lighting,
and we wouldn’t have to worry about anything
or do anything (sounds a lot like right now), I know
but it would be Greece and everything would be so pretty
(it would be pretty), wouldn’t it be nice?

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