Day 277


My Friend Explains Revolving Doors to Me
Yeah man fuck that motherfucker
he cut everything – healthcare, welfare, daycare –
if it ended in care he cut it. I don’t know how
anyone even has a degree. There were no teachers left
when he was done. Kids sniffing chalk,
teaching themselves to spell. W’s for “We’re fucked.”
He was only out of office two years before he joined the board
of a long-term care home. Are you kidding? It’s like a joke.
Like a part you write in a garbage movie
for some sadistic villain no one wants to play
because even the most handsome star reads it like, “Nahhhhh,
I’m not charismatic enough to carry that.”       Just think!
He privatized healthcare. Siphoned our most vulnerable
citizens into the hands of corporations – I’m no socialist, but
how do you think that worked out – and in two years,
he’s back, heading up the system he created.
Just guess his salary. Lots. Guess how much stock he owns
in that company. More. Guess how many healthcare
specialists are on that board. Yeah. None.
I read their annual report cause I’m a loser
with nothing but time on my hands and there’s not one line
– not a fucking line – about care giving. It’s specifically concerned
with maximizing revenue. The guy started a franchise,
for fuck’s sake. A private homecare franchise. Like it’s McDonald’s.
Except you pull up to the window and he just fucks you.
Now they’re giving him an award, well, of course. I signed the petition
to stop it. I’m sure the corridors of power will take heed.
I’m just saying, not only how does this happen, how can it be
so overt? It’s like we don’t even know our own world.
Why aren’t we setting shit on fire? They’re killing old people
for money. No, I’m not going use my nice words,
fuck that. What’s our bottom? Do we even have one
anymore? What’s the hang up? Why’s it so impossible
to care?

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