First off and foremost, thank you to everyone who pre-ordered a book! I appreciate the support, I think about it often, and it means a lot to me.

Though I stopped writing these poems in June, I never felt like the project was finished. It was just that after 40 plus poems in a few months I was running low on creative steam. It was always my goal to return to them, which I’m doing now until the new year – a “second wave” batch – which I’ll start posting at the site in early December.

The plan is to stop writing after Christmas, start editing, and have the book in your hands by the spring. I appreciate your patience. I want to work with the editors and the rest of the creative team at Write Bloody North to make sure we bring you something that’s in line with the frenzied, imperfect energy of the original poems I posted, but with a dash more restraint and reflection. And cool artwork!

In the meantime, my newest theatre show, Ridge, which was postponed by the pandemic, was recently turned into a movie by the wonderful crew at the Chan Centre. You can stream that until Dec. 21st, free, or with a donation of your choosing, HERE. Please check it out if you have time – the crew did an incredible job on it.

My band, The Fugitives, also just released a new album, Trench Songs, which accompanies Ridge. It’s available on all streaming platforms.

Thanks again for buying and reading! I hope you’ve been okay through the pandemic (well, as okay as you can be in a pandemic) and that you remain okay through the next wave. I miss everybody so much. It’s bananas. Stay well!

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