Day 302


We can never leave
home, except for essentials,
so all non-essential
services are open.
We can gather
outdoors, though
we can’t gather.
Less people should be
in stores, so they shut
early and open late
to ensure everyone goes
at once. Schools are safe,
they swear, so they’re closed.
Construction and manufacturing
are not, so they’re open.
There’s no benchmark to end
the lockdown. No trigger,
specifically, that began
it. The goal remains
undefined. Science
has the numbers, but this
isn’t Science. If you can’t
stay home because you’ll starve
you’ll go to work sick,
but there’s no paid leave.
That’s logic, but this is not
logic. Today I said
to Julia, I feel like an old man
who just gets mad
at the government
all day. She said, Well.
You are getting old.

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