Day 263


I’ve lost my mind a few times
and must say it’s more interesting
than quarantine. My thoughts
take flight now and run like dead birds
into the window of my medication.
Not a complaint. I promised my past
self, with the hysterical eyes, better.
Just that we try and try to cope
with the magic of consciousness,
but once we do, the paintings
of the world can seem less luminous
for the lack of effort it takes to view them.
There’s a lot to be said for struggle,
though no one struggling would say that.
Once this is all over, it’ll be a matter of weeks
before an introvert from The Atlantic
writes a hot take longing for the days
of being trapped in their home again.
The infection of 1 in 70 Albertans
won’t stop us from becoming nostalgic
for our living rooms. Ontarians know
two long-term care facilities oversaw
the deaths of 480 seniors, while receiving
government relief and paying out
millions to shareholders. It’s in the news.
But we’ll reminisce on a job well done.
In years, it'll all be buried, as a dream
upon waking to the morning.

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