The Problem with Solitaire by Lucia Misch

The Problem with Solitaire by Lucia Misch

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From possible apocalypse to the all-night pie diner—from the moon landing, to memory, to the cat’s take on death—The Problem With Solitaire considers the question: when we play against ourselves, who wins? with curiosity, compassion, and a stubborn refusal to flinch. Less interested in finding answers than pursuing the paradox itself, Lucia Misch’s poetry travels through landscapes actual, internal, and imagined with unorthodox insight and wit. Biography, body, meaning, depression, power, grief, self-determination, and disaster are just some of the themes that ride shotgun.

Balancing outlandish visions with moments of bare candor, sincere reverence with shameless cheek, Misch offers readers an agile, eloquent debut collection that never strays too far from its grubby little punk heart.

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