The ONEIRONAUT ∅1 by Sheri-D Wilson

The ONEIRONAUT ∅1 by Sheri-D Wilson

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THE ONEIRONAUT 1, the first volume of the trilogy, is a captivating, magical and eminently readable page-turner. This is a character driven narrative poem.

At times humorous, it is also a frightening depiction of what our society becomes when we’re no longer able to dream, due to a totalitarian regime.

Rain, a brilliant bespeckled scientist, finds herself drawn from a life of oppression into the liberating world of illusion. She discovers the Willows, keepers of dreams, & is chosen to lead the fight against The Bureau, the dystopian regime who control society by forcing them to take a MetaNoia pill, which prevents them from dreaming.

Follow quirky Rain while she leads an uprising against the chilling government machinery and the DOD (Department of Dreams). Along the journey, she discovers more about herself and her family that she had ever hoped to.

If Rain and the Willows fail, the secret order of The Oneironauts will be lost and with it our ability to hope, to heal, and to imagine a life together as human beings.

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