My Soft Response To The Wars by RC Weslowski

My Soft Response To The Wars by RC Weslowski

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My Soft Response To The Wars is the debut poetry collection from Canadian Poetry Slam Champion, RC Weslowski.  With a clown’s eye and a trickster’s lip these poems work to rewrite the trauma of childhood sexual abuse with the scissors of surrealism and absurdity. Love and how to survive its loss and transform it into something we can carry forward no matter how wretched, weird and ridiculous it may seem in the aftermath of betrayal is the driving principle in all these poems. 

Whether embracing faith through doubt in “Let’s Not Get It Together” or covering himself in grease and blood in the inspirational “It Begins” to the feverish twin exhortations of “I’ve Been Thinking” and “There’s No Fucking Time To Fucking Live” RC Weslowski asks us to follow him into the whirlwind and have whatever mule hair we have left to be blown back into our faces while looking our best in “Dead Horse Mascara.” The poems in this collection invite you to ride the Tilt o Whirl backwards and find your own “P.N.E. Love Affair.” Put a pair of diapers on the ass of your logic and allow it to shit itself and find the meaning beyond the meaning by revelling in the joy and sacrilege of these words.

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